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'Dublin jewellery artist Genevieve Howard balances her technical expertise with her love of music to create deeply personal and distinctive sculptural pieces'.

An interview with Edel Cassidy, featured in volume 18 of Anthology Magazine.

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‘The Irish artist Genevieve Howard is looking for means and ways to represent music graphically. She seeks to do this by incorporating her voice as a medium to dye jewellery made of niobium - thereby merging the rare metal featuring a host of unique properties with various acoustic colours.’

Words by Christian Morken 

All images by Ellius Grace

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'Whether driven by eco concerns or a fascination with history, artists are finding ways to transform humble paper, using ancient traditions and high-tech methods.'

Debika Ray
discovers makers at Collect art fair turning over a new leaf. 

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She calls her stock 'Jewellery made by artists'

Genevieve's work was featured in an article about Gallery Marzee written by Diane Daniel for the New York Times.

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November , 2018

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Dallas Museum of Art Exhibition 'Women & Design", information page

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'DMA to Present Female Designers'

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Listen to the final segment of this short radio piece to hear a review of Genevieve's work, which featured in the exhibition 'Women & Design: New Works'.

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'Irish jewellery designer Genevieve Howard, whos designs have been exhibited worldwide, manipulates paper and uses a laser cutting technique to create wearable sculptures.'

September , 2018

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