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The Song of the Chanter, 2016

Genevieve Howard decided to combine her passions for art and music in her work as a jewellery designer. “I’m a musician myself, and what interests me as an artist is to synthesise my passions,” says the artist, who can play the piano, guitar and Irish harp.

The Song of the Chanter necklace is inspired by the first piece of music that she learned to play on the harp. “The idea of translating a piece of music into a three dimensional and visual form fascinates me. The shapes you see in the necklace are my own visual interpretation of the original musical score of the Song of the Chanter,” Howard says.

“The graphic notation in this necklace mirrors the sequence in which the piece of music is played.”

The necklace, which can also stand alone as a sculpture, is made from thousands of slivers of laser-cut Japanese linen paper which are assembled by hand by Howard. The linen paper is sourced from a special supplier in Canada which, when assembled, adopts a soft and tactile feel.

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